Posted on Jun 11, 2018

Qwan Ki Do / Cuong-Dao Kitchener

QWAN KI DO or 'The Way of Body's Energy' is a synthesis of Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese Kung Fu with origins in Chinese Shaolin and The Vietnamese Martial Arts or VO.
***QWAN KI DO has a broad variety of techniques:
o Hand Techniques
o Blocks and Grappling
o Sweeps
o Throwing Techniques
o Falling Techniques
o Arm Locks, Foot Locks
o Self-defense
o Animal techniques
o Breaking Techniques
o Street Fighting
o Gymnastics for mind and body “Tham The” (similar to Tai Chi)
o Traditional Weapons
***With over 50000 registered students in over 20 countries QWAN KI DO is a great system that combines the self-defense with the physical strength and mental balance.
***CUONG-DAO KITCHENER CLUB is part of the Canadian Federation of QWAN KI DO.

***Saturday from 11:45 am to 1:45 pm Location: Verv Wellness 15 Shirk Place, Kitchener Ontario N2K 1R3
Mixed Adults and Kids class
Fist Class - Free
Limited availability - book your spot at ; 519-496-3325
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